Gokul Krishnan


Gokul has made beautiful NWA his home for the past 10 years. Prior to this, he has lived in China, Dubai and India, but wherever life has taken him, he has remained steadfast to his fondness and support for Indian music, dance and drama, both – classical and folk. What fascinates him even today is the sheer diversity of artforms, language, culture and attire stemming from each state in the sub-continent. “I believe this is the most unique aspect of the Indian Arts forum – there is always room for a never-ending variety in performances”.


A founding member, Gokul joined Ra-Ve’s board in 2018, with a focus on fundraising. He takes pride in the foundation’s goal of encouraging and supporting local and regional artists of Indian performances. Gokul brings with him over 25 year of experience in retail business, manufacturing and supplier relationship management. He also serves on the board of Cotton Inc, a division of USDA supporting cotton initiatives across the United States.

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