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Srividya Venkatasubramanya

Program and Curriculum Director

Srividya is a founding member and the President of Ra-Ve Cultural Foundation. Her exposure to Indian music and dance in her formative years helped shape a lifelong love and appreciation for the performing arts. For several years, she organized an annual event called ‘Sargam’ to bring Indian classical performances to Northwest Arkansas. As a tribute to her parents and in honor of their legacy of service, Srividya named the foundation Ra-Ve, an amalgamation of their first names, Raji and Venkat.


Srividya’s background as an educator, prompted her to start Ra-Ve Cultural Foundation to help and support the next generation’s efforts to learn Indian music and dance, by increasing exposure and opportunity.  “For me, it is important that we nurture our cultural identity and give it voice in a multicultural space like Northwest Arkansas”


Srividya’s academic background is in Spanish and foreign language learning and teaching. She speaks and understands 5 languages.