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What is Kalaloka Institute of Fine Arts?

Kalaloka Institute of Fine Arts (KIFA) provides children and adults in the Northwest Arkansas area an opportunity to learn Indian music, dance and theater, and other fine arts related to Indian art and culture, in a sustained way. We aim to provide a high quality experience in learning and certification levels that will help students attain various levels of proficiency. The curriculum at KIFA aims to provide a well rounded education in Indian Fine Arts, both theoretical and practical.

When can I enroll for classes?

The school year at KIFA starts in September and continues till August in the following year. There are three sessions of three months each: Fall session - September 1st to November 31st Spring session - January 1st to March 31st Summer Session - May 1st to July 31st Registration for each session will open one month before the start of the session. All formalities of registration should be completed by August 31st, December 31st and April 30th.

What is the difference between learning here and any other institute online?

It is our goal to provide a high quality learning experience with certification levels to encourage students to achieve various levels of proficiency in the Northwest Arkansas area. Our classes are provided locally with a combination of online and in-person classes in a safe environment. Children and adults learn best in a community and we take that very seriously at KIFA. Student showcases, staff performances, and participating in the wider community help students build their identity in their art. This adds motivation to learning.

What is the fee structure at KIFA?

Registration Fees - To be paid at the beginning of the school year, every year. For one individual it is $75 and for two or more from the same family, it is $125. This fees includes the cost of most materials that will be provided to the student such as textbooks and practice videos. Some materials may be provided at a nominal charge depending on the situation. This will communicated at the time of registration. Session Fees - When you register for a class, you are doing so for the entire session. Therefore the fees is paid for all three months together at the beginning of the session. Currently, we are only offering 100 level courses. These are offered at $120 for the session per individual. Classes are 30-minute group classes online and in-person. If you are registering for an instrumental class, you will need to purchase/rent the instrument on your own. Please not that for Fall 2020 we will not have any in person classes.

What is your absence policy?

If the student is absent, he/she will have to make up using the materials provided for the missed class. If the teacher is absent, a substitute teacher will be made available. Under an emergency situation, such as severe weather (for in person classes), we may cancel all classes. We will keep all students updated by email accordingly.

Where and How are classes held?

Classes are primarily held online on ZOOM sessions. Depending on safety levels, we will have at least one set of classes in person during the session. Staff performances are also built into the class curriculum to encourage students to listen and learn.

Who teaches these classes?

The teachers are selected based on their knowledge and passion to teach. We try to hire as much as possible from our local community. In some cases, we will hire a teacher from outside the state. You can always rest assured that we are hiring good quality teachers at KIFA. This is important to us to not only provide good services to our community but also to provide it consistently. Check out our Staff section to learn more about our teachers.