Riding your scooter is a breeze

Riding a scooter involves a smooth, natural motion that is comfortable and efficient for almost everyone. Scootering is perhaps the most flexible and convenient of all forms of human-powered transport. At any time, you can change instantly from zipping along the road or path to walking on a crowded sidewalk, simply by braking and stepping off your footboard. It’s easy to walk with your scooter and it even provides support for you. The change from walking to rolling is just as easy and simple: step on, push off. You can ride your scooter on the roads and in the bike lanes, or you and your children can avoid auto traffic by using the sidewalk (in most places) or the bicycle path.

Total body fitness & cardio

When you ride your scooter, you’ll be strengthening muscles, tendons and connective tissues throughout your upper and lower body. With all major muscles groups combined working together as you kick, you'll be increasing strength while improving your overall muscular system and health. Scooters are also great aerobic exercise, and combined with a healthy diet it can help you to lose or maintain healthy body weight... and have fun doing it!

Kick your way to better health

Unlike ordinary cycling, where only your legs move (and in an unnatural pattern) the effort of scootering is shared by muscles throughout the body and you move in much the same way you would when walking or running – the way your body is designed to move. Unlike running or jogging, however, the smooth movement of the scooter virtually eliminates jolting impact and is much gentler for your joints. Scooters use both upper and lower body muscles, together with the abdominal and back muscles. It’s a great way to strengthen and tone all those muscle groups and it is also excellent aerobic exercise – as vigorous or as relaxed as you prefer. Among scooter riders you will find amateurs of all ages and abilities, along with top athletes in training. Physical therapists recommend scootering as a supplement to rehabilitation, and to help maintain flexibility and prevent pain in the cervical and lumbar spine.

Fun for the whole family!

Riding a scooter is fun at any age or fitness level. Whenever you want or need to, you can easily step off and smoothly transition to walking. You can attach a seat to the handlebars and bring your baby or small child along for the ride. Your child sits safely in a seat between the handlebars and the parent, and you can share the experience as you kick along. It’s a safe and easy way of traveling with kids and fun for all. Riding scooters takes you into a world of fun! Whether you ride for exercise, just to relax, to run your dog or to commute to school or work, your scooter rides will provide some of the best experiences of your day.

Kicking around town

There is no better or more flexible way to travel in a city full of people than on a scooter. You will cover shorter distances much faster than walking, more comfortably than on an ordinary bicycle, and often you will arrive sooner than if you traveled by public transit. Scooters have excellent maneuverability and is less bulky than a bicycle. In most places, you will be able to use sidewalks, as well as bike lanes and paths, and of course the roads and streets where it is safe to do so. Wherever bicycles are permitted on buses, trams, ferries or subways, your scooter will be much easier to carry aboard and handle than an ordinary bike. Also, traveling by scooter means that you can wear the clothes that fit your plans for the day. If you want to wear a dress, a skirt or a suit, you can do so without worrying about wrinkles, tears, grease or other problems. Whatever you wear, it will be easy to ride your scooter, it won’t interfere with your attire, and you’ll look great rolling to your destination.

Effective fun weight loss

We all know that a combination of sensible diet and regular exercise is necessary to lose or maintain healthy weight. Unfortunately, many forms of exercise just aren’t fun for most people. Riding a scooter is fun, at the same time it is effective. If you scooter energetically, you can burn up to 30% more calories than ordinary cycling. During intense scootering, you can burn from 400 to over 800 calories per hour! At the same time, you will be toning and shaping problematic areas of your thighs, glutes, hips, abdomen and waist. Of course, it is up to you how intensively you ride – and however you do it, it’s just plain fun!

Practicality & easy maintenance

When you have to travel longer distances than you want to kick, your scooter is easy to transport in a car (both wheels are easy to remove and reinstall and there’s no greasy chain to cause problems) or by most types of public transit. You can equip it with a basket on the handlebars, a water bottle, fenders, panniers, or even a child safety seat up front. Lights and other accessories are also easy to mount. Thanks to our high-quality parts, the CRUSSIS scooter requires little maintenance. Just check the brakes and tire pressure before you ride and have your bike shop check it out and tune it up once per riding season – it’s much simpler and less expensive to care for than an ordinary bike.

Environmentally friendly

Riding a scooter combines a healthy lifestyle and a responsible approach to the environment. It is a means of transportation that doesn’t pollute the air with fumes or noise and its simple and elegant design means that fewer resources and less energy are used to manufacture, maintain and repair it.

Explosive power training for athletes

Scooter riding is a perfect way to practice explosive power training for athletes, improving power and speed for all sports. Energetic kicking helps strengthen ligaments, joint capsules and tendons. The effort is spread through the chest and back muscles, and the body’s core muscles – all being strengthened and toned. Kicking strengthens the abs, especially the rectus abdominis and the external oblique muscles, along with virtually all the leg muscles. With a proper kick you’ll also feel the ride in the arms and shoulders, helping shape your biceps, triceps and the deltoid muscles.

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