Kartik Balachandran

Carnatic Violin Instructor and Program Coordinator

Kartik Balachandran has learnt violin in Singapore from Smt. Dhanadevi Subbiah and Sri K. Sivaraman, both senior disciples of Prof. Sri T.N. Krishnan. He has a diploma in Carnatic music from the Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society, and was awarded the title of Vadya Visharad in 1999.


Over the past 20 years, Kartik has given many solo concerts and accompanied numerous artistes, both vocal and dance, in Singapore and in the United States. He was part of the Singapore Indian Orchestra and Choir and has toured Australia, India, Japan, Malaysia and Hong Kong with the group. In addition, Kartik has learnt western classical music and plays the keyboard and cello.

Kartik is a regular contributor to local shows in the Northwest Arkansas area and other local states. He is very passionate about music and is always a team member to help bring the community together for its sake. He was one of the main performers at the first Sapthaswara event held by RVCF and also presented a violin performance under its Professional Series.

As a violin teacher, he has been teaching students across states and here in NWA. He has trained two students in the U.S. to perform their solo arangetram concerts. Kartik is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Arkansas.