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Indian Music Splendor in Bentonville

On the 19th of October at the Old High Middle School in Bentonville, AR, the stage will be set for a unique jugalbandi or duet concert of the two styles of Indian Classical Music: Carnatic (from South India) and Hindustani (from North India). Aptly named "Prayag", the evening will see a confluence of both prominent styles of Indian classical music. This is the FIRST TIME EVER this group of musicians will be performing together and we are proud to be their inaugural venue.
The first of its kind in NW Arkansas and the world, this concert brings together the best of musicians from both genres: Vainika Nirmala Rajashekar (on the Veena playing Carnatic music) and Pandit Tarun Bhattacharya (on the Santoor or Indian Dulcimer playing Hindustani music). Accompanying these stalwarts on percussion are Shri Muruga Bhoopathi on Mridangam (or lap drum) and Shri Hindole Majumdar on Tabla.
Nirmala, acclaimed as one of the world’s top Veena players, has been hailed as a ‘Carnatic ambassador’ for her role in propagating Carnatic music and the music of the Veena, a descendent of the early lute, one of the few ancient instruments dating back to at least 1500 BC, that has retained its exalted position in modern times. Based in Minneapolis, MN, Nirmala is a dynamic and vibrant artist and composer who has been performing for nearly four decades at well-known venues around the world -such as the Carnegie Hall and United Nations in NY and multiple music festivals in India, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Indonesia, and Singapore. She will be accompanied on the mridangam by Murugabhoopathi. He lived with his guru, Shri Upendran from Tanjore, for 10 years in the Gurukula tradition and learned mridangam, something that is very rare in today's world. He has conducted many outreach programs through the UN and has extensively performed throughout the world accompanying many world class artists.

Tarunda, the only santoor maestro of the Maihar gharana, a ‘Global Music Ambassador’ and a magician of tunes, comes from an esteemed lineage of musicians including Shri Pandit Ravi Shankar. He has revolutionized the techniques of playing the hammered dulcimer or Santoor, broadening the adaptability of the instrument in multiple music genres. He has had the distinction of performing at Royal Albert Hall, Palace-de-beaux of Brussels and many such celebrated concert venues across the globe. He will be accompanied on the tabla by Hindole Majumdar. A student of the Farukkhabad gharana, he continues to learn and teach. A prolific performer,  Hindole has also established his own school of rhythm at Milwaukee, WI and has created a recording label called Sunanda Records.

Ra-Ve Cultural Foundation is the proud sponsor of "Prayag" – a perfect symphony of everything breathtaking about Indian Classical Music right here in Betonville. This program is supported by a grant from the Walton Family Foundation, the Walmart Foundation and the generous donations of our supporters. This program is part of a year-long commitment to bring the best of Indian music and dance to the Northwest Arkansas region. Your support will help us keep our programming for the future.